Preschool Program

Children who are 2 years of age or older by September participate in the preschool program. Classes are divided by both age and developmental levels. If a child displays advanced development, he is promoted to the next class despite his age. Preschoolers are provided with appropriately focused teaching and activities. 

Junior Kindergarten

Our junior Kindergarten program is especially designed to prepare our students for Kindergarten. Children learn their letters, numbers, beginning sounds, and basic concepts. Junior kindergarten meets five days a week.


Children must be 5 years by December 2 in order to begin our Kindergarten class. Children learn to read using a phonics-based approach. Our math program uses a "hands-on” technique reinforced with the more traditional paper and pencil method. The class also spends time on social studies, art, music, and science. By the time of graduation, the majority of our Kindergartners are reading and able to spell 3-4 letter words. Also, the majority are testing at the level of beginning second graders. 

Before and After School Program

Children are provided care before and after school as needed. Transportation to and from school is provided if necessary. Children are monitored under close supervision while they complete their homework in a collaborative environment. In addition, they participate in various art projects on Fridays and other designated special days of the month. 

Summer Camp

In June, our summer camp gets started! All ages are included in our summer program. Our preschoolers spend their time outdoors participating in water play, planting, field trips, as well as indoor circle games and art projects. Our elementary school children go on field trips and work on special projects. Hours and tuition remain the same for our preschoolers Elementary age children pay an additional rate. 



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